Direct connection to servers

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Direct connection to servers

Postby PaceMaker » Tue May 06, 2014 4:28 pm

When the in-game list will stop working, you'll have to use one of these alternative ways, in order to connect to the server. You can use either the "Connect to IP Address" option, or the game's console.

1. Connect to IP address

Place your cursor in the green area and type the server's IP

When you're done, just press the the "connect to IP address" button

2. Connect via console

How to connect to a password protected server. On this example we'll use =A[G]B= Clan's War server. The command is the same for any private server, but you always have to know the password.
1. Type "password agbmatch" without the quotes and press enter.
2. Type "connect" without the quotes again, press enter and you'll connect to the war server.

Same procedure as above, without the password command, can connect you to any public server

To enable the game console, go to game options...

Click on advanced...

Make sure the console box is checked. Don't forget to press the apply button to save changes.

console key.jpg
To enable/disable your console while in the game, press the key right under your escape button
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