Server Adminstration rules.

Server Adminstration rules.

Postby Fcrate » Thu Jan 12, 2012 10:45 am

Server Admins need to know how the system works, there are rules for administrating the server, rules must be followed in order to keep the server as fair as possible, and ensure no abuse happens. In ALL cases the subject must be given a warning before the punishment.

A spammer gets muted by =A[G]B= server Admins, if he doesn't shut up, he gets another mute, if he spams for a third time, he gets a kick.

---Offensive names---
A player with an offending name gets renamed by =A[G]B= server Admins, if he insists on changing his name back, he gets a kick, if he continues to use the offending name, he gets a 2 weeks ban.

---Abusive behavior---
A player with an abusive behavior gets 3 kicks, or whichever punishment seen fit by =A[G]B= server Admins, if he fails to comply, he gets 2 weeks ban.

---Door blocking---
A door blocker gets whichever punishment seen fit by =A[G]B= server Admins, if he insists he gets kicked, after 3 kicks he gets a month ban.

---No recoil Cheating---
After a recoil cheater is caught, he gets a direct kick, if he returned with the cheat still on, he gets a month ban.

---Wall hacking---
A proved wall hacker gets a permanent ban. QED.

These rules apply to ALL players, that includes =A[G]B= Clan members as well, Any member who deserves a server ban according to the rules above, gets his ban associated with a demotion, in case of a recruit, he gets to leave the clan.

---RCON abuse---
Server administrators should follow the rules above for punishing and kicking, a serious RCON abuse will result in a demotion, and losing the chance of using any RCON tool ever again.
---RCON modifications---
Members are NOT allowed to modify their RCON tool on their own, in any way. Changes can be made ONLY by the Server Administrator. Unauthorized modification of the RCON tool will be treated as an RCON abuse.
---RCON mistakes---
Mistakes happen, kicking the wrong player, and so on, but they shouldn't be frequent, too many mistakes will result in losing your RCON tool, as you won't be fit to handle it; so make sure you choose the correct player to execute the command on, and take your time.
---RCON fun---
Sometimes RCON could be used for fun, but no one below the rank of General is entitled to do that, =A[G]B= server has fun RCON commands, but only Generals and Leaders have access to them, and in any case, do NOT kick for fun. kicking for fun will result in losing your RCON tool, unless the other party is understanding.


=A[G]B=Clan Administration Team
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