Want to join us? Read this first!

Do you want to join our clan? post an application here!

Want to join us? Read this first!

Postby PaceMaker » Sat Nov 05, 2011 10:39 am

I. Rules for joining the =A[G]B= Clan
If you are really interested in joining us and become an =A[G]B= clan recruit, you must read and agree on the following terms:

1. Your age must be 16 years, or older.
2. Be an active and polite player in the MoH community.
3. Cheats are not tolerated. Therefore, get ready to be checked anytime by server administrators.
4. Keep the =A[G]B= tag and nickname unchanged, on any MoH server.
5. Download and install xfire, so other members can keep in touch with you.
6. Download and install Teamspeak 3, it will be nice to hear your voice on the server

Do you think you fulfill everything above? Great!
First thing you need to do is to make a registration at our forum. To do that, click here!
Then it’s time for you to start by posting an application at =A[G]B= Recruitment forum.
Open a new topic here! Give us some feedback about yourself. For example: Name, nickname, age, interests etc

II. Recruiting period
After posting your application, the =A[G]B= clan's Administration Team, will decide on your membership. The voting procedure will start in 2 weeks time after your application date and the result will be announced to you on the very same application topic. If it's a positive one, your recruiting period will start immediately after the announcement and it will end in 1 month. Then a second vote will take place and it will conclude in one of the following results:

1. Accepted as an =A[G]B= member (Private)
2. Recruitment period extension for another month
3. Rejected from being an =A[G]B= member (Rejected players are able to re-apply only once again after 2 months time, counting from their rejection date)

Important note:
Players who were accepted as full members and for any reason decide to leave the clan, can no longer apply to re-join.

That’s all folks! Good luck!

=A[G]B= Administration Team
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