=A[G]B= Clan | 2011-2014 - In memory of Grzesiek
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        =A[G]B= Clan was founded on November 1st 2011 and although it is one of the newest clans in the MoH Spearhead gaming community, it was formed by some very experienced MoH players: Fcrate, PaceMaker and Rogue, 3 clan administrators, who took the mutual decision to form their own clan, with the addition of a Countdown server that would satisfy their gaming needs. As a result, =A[G]B= Clan was born!  All Gunz Blazing is a name which represents our gaming style and is well shown on and off the battlefield.
        =A[G]B= is different  from other clans, because we are not only a clan, but more of a family, we have a mixture of members with a wide age range from all over Eurasian, North African and North American region and even though we pride ourselves on our gaming skills, our main priority is to have FUN!

You can expect from us:
  • A fully active community, mature gaming aged 16+
  • Great Teamspeak banter
  • Friendly Matches, Wars and Interclan Fun

We expect from you:
  • Respect our rules & our clan members
  • Be active in our servers, forum and Teamspeak
  • Not to forget the most important part: TO HAVE FUN!

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